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Crafting Elegance in Every Sip

Welcome to Sunymar Shop! I'm Suny, the owner and creator behind our delightful edible toppers. At Sunymar Shop, we are passionate about turning ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences. We specialize in creating exquisite drink toppers that elevate your beverages to a whole new level. 


Our journey began in the party industry as a bartender, where my love for art and cute cocktail garnishes blossomed into a passion for creating edible toppers. These toppers are perfect for anyone who loves to craft pretty and delicious artsy drinks. Over time, my friends in the bakery industry discovered the charm of these toppers and began using them in their pastries, showcasing their versatility in countless creative ways!

Unparalleled Quality

Endless Personalization

Memorable Moments

Versatile and Fun

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