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  • What are the toppers made of? Are they edible?
    The Wafer paper is made of potato starch, sunflower oil, water, and edible ink! So yes, They are edible.
  • What is the size of the drink toppers?
    The drink toppers are 2" circles.
  • Can I pick up my order in person?
    Yes, you can! Let's just set up a day or time that works for us. We are located in Los Angeles County.
  • What's the shelf life and storage recommendation for the drink toppers?
    The drink toppers have a shelf life of 2 years.
  • What's the best way to store the drink toppers?
    For the best storage, keep the toppers in their packaging in a dark, dry area. Avoid refrigeration and moisture.
  • Where do I send my custom design?
    Please send us your design to our E-mail, along with your order number attached! E-mail:
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