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Turning every sip into a selfie moment! 🍹✨ Get your facelmkn (or a friend's) on our eco-friendly straws and let the good times roll. Because why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary? These unique 7.7" biodegradable paper straws is your eco-friendly solution to sustainable sipping! These aren't just any straws. Embellish them with a touch of your personality using our personalized face or photo options. Our top-quality high-resolution imaging guarantees every face shines, whether it's a goofy grin or a birthday glow. And the fun doesn't stop there! With every sip, there's a twist. Each straw can be paired with a hat attachments. From classic cowboy hats to jolly Christmas toppers, you've got 20 delightful options, ensuring there's one for every mood and festivity. 🎂🤠🍾




 1x Pack of 15 Custom Face Straws Details: 

-  Size: Each straw measures 7.7" in length. 

-Material: Biodegradable paper–good for you, better for Earth!

- Personalization: Upon purchase, shoot us your image via Etsy messages .The image can be 1.5-2.5 inches, depending on the photo. For best results, were commend high-quality images. 

- Packaging: Each pack contains 15 straws. The back of the photo is pristine white for a clean, polished look.

- Customization: Fantasizing another hat? Reachout, andwe'll sort you out.

- Straw Colors: Dive in to our ocean of straw color variations, picking the shade that sings to your soul.


So, whether you're envisioning a Face Birthday Confetti Straw with a Bunny Ears Hat or a Party Straw with a Cow boy Hat Attachment, we've got you covered! 🥂🎈🎉

15 Ct. Custom Face Straws

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